My spiritual beliefs are complex and difficult to summarize.

Recently I wrote the following when someone asked me if I believe in Satan:

I do not believe in the literal truth of any myth about any god or other supernatural entity. But I do believe in a supernatural realm which is beyond human comprehension, and I believe that it sometimes manifests to us in terms of our myths. “Satan” is one of those myths, but at least one real spiritual Being can manifest via that myth. People who have spiritual experiences involving Satan — and for whom those experiences are positive — are thereby challenged to face down their fears, to question popular dogmas, and/or to work harder to achieve their own innermost will.

Following is a proposed oversimplified “soundbite creed” for the Church of Azazel proto-congregation:

I revere a God
Who manifests as that which is feared,
Who dares us to face down our fears
and to stand with those people who are unreasonably feared.

Following is something I wrote a few years ago, another oversimplified summary of some other important aspects of my beliefs:

I believe that the true God — or Gods — are unlikely to fit well into any theological dogma.

Those Christians (and Muslims, etc.) who promote belief in a Devil tend to be of the more dogmatic and repressive branches of their religions. And they tend to regard all challenges to their orthodoxies as being of the Devil.

Therefore, the true God — or Gods — are more likely to be perceived as the Devil than as God.

But the true God – or gods – can appear under any guise.

The true God — or Gods — are the Dark One, eternally hidden, mysterious, and always challenging us, though They are also Bearers of Light.


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