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Reply to GaianGuy’s comment

May 13, 2011

GaianGuy posted the following comment in reply to the section of my Theistic Satanism site To Wiccans and other Pagans and occultists. The comment was originally posted below my post Deities and element correspondences?, where it is off-topic. So I’m moving it to a separate thread here. (GaianGuy also posted an on-topic comment below my post Some of my history of challenging prejudice (mainly anti-Satanism by Pagans).)

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The political/social views of “The Luciferian Sword”

January 21, 2011

There is a type of “Luciferianism” that basically consists of LaVeyan Satanism, replacing “Satan” with “Lucifer,” plus a few minor twists, in some cases accepting Lucifer as an actual deity, but retaining LaVey’s entire quirky set of social, political, and economic views.

This is very different from the older favorable references to “Lucifer” that one can find in the writings of various Western occultists of the 1800’s and 1900’s. I personally would be more interested in a “Luciferianism” that was derived from the latter.

But a LaVeyan-based Luciferian website has recently been brought to my attention, on a message board run by me, so I’ll comment on it now.

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Satanisms and politics: To Julian Karswell

May 17, 2008

On my Theistic Satanism blog on Google/Blogspot, I posted a brief response to Julian Karswell’s “Opus Diaboli” website. I’ll now post some commentary about his blog, which I’ll do here on, to take advantage of the “trackback” feature.

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General feedback thread

April 11, 2008

I’ll be linking to this post from my websites, as a place for people to post comments not pertaining to any specific post here.

Important: If you want me to contact you via private contact, please be sure to tell me what you want me to contact you ABOUT. I will not respond to non-specific requests.