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Reply to GaianGuy’s comment

May 13, 2011

GaianGuy posted the following comment in reply to the section of my Theistic Satanism site To Wiccans and other Pagans and occultists. The comment was originally posted below my post Deities and element correspondences?, where it is off-topic. So I’m moving it to a separate thread here. (GaianGuy also posted an on-topic comment below my post Some of my history of challenging prejudice (mainly anti-Satanism by Pagans).)

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The here-and-now meaning of today’s Satan mythology

May 2, 2011

Who and what is Satan? The vast majority of the lore we have about Satan comes not from His worshipers, or from others who celebrate Satan, but from His enemies. Hence, in my opinion, the key to understanding today’s mythology about Satan is to ask these questions: (1) Who and what are Satan’s avowed enemies (SAE’s)? (2) What are SAE’s threatened by?

I believe in Satan as a deity. But I do not believe in the literal truth of any myth about any deity. I believe that the true essence of any deity is probably beyond human comprehension, but that there are real spiritual forces/entities that may manifest to us via our myths.. So, what kind of deity would manifest via the Satan myth?

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