Catholic priests who secretly practice Satanic rites?

March 3, 2011

In a comment on my previous post, Preliminary response to Michael Cuneo on exorcism, Raul Gil requested a separate thread to respond to my page about the murder case of Father Gerald Robinson in Toledo, Ohio (U.S.A.) on my Against Satanic Panics site. So here it is.

Raul, thanks for respecting the topicality of the original comment thread.

In particular, Raul wanted to discuss allegations about Catholic priests who secretly practice Satanic rites.

Most likely, such priests do exist. I’ve interacted online with some people who claimed to be Catholic priests who were closet Satanists, and who seemed to be sincere — and very similar, in their attitudes, to other highly closeted Satanists I’ve interacted with who were living in highly religious Christian environments.

What I do not believe in is the existence of a massive conspiracy of such priests, let alone that such a conspiracy was responsible for Vatican II and subsequent changes to the Catholic Church, as has been claimed by Malachi Martin and various other traditionalist Catholic Satanic panic mongers. Highly closeted people are, in general, not likely to be interested in rocking the boat.

Also, I certainly do not agree with Malachi Martin’s blaming of the clergy pedophilia scandal on an alleged conspiracy of “Satanic pedophiles.” Certainly the Church, in an attempt to avoid scandal, has conspired to cover up many instances of child molestation by priests. But there is no reason to blame clergy pedophilia itself on a conspiracy.

In my opinion, it is only to be expected that a vocation like the Catholic priesthood would naturally attract more than its share of pedophiles. Because priests are required to be celibate, the priesthood naturally attracts the following two categories of people: (1) people with unusually low sex drives, and (2) people whose sexual tastes have no socially acceptable outlet (such as pedophiles), and whose only socially acceptable option, therefore, is to try to be celibate.

It is ridiculous to blame clergy pedophilia on any alleged massive conspiracy, whether of Satanists or anyone else. In my opinion, the conservative and traditionalist Catholics who promote such claims just can’t accept the reality that a celibate priesthood is inherently problematic. So, in their view, clergy pedophilia must be the fault of a gigantic conspiracy of “Satanic pedophiles” who have been trying to take over the Church.

Raul, I’ll reply later to your comments in the other thread.

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