Reply to Henry Makow fans

June 28, 2010

Someone posted a link to my post Aloysius Fozdyke, Satanic conspiracy hoaxter in a comment on a page on Henry Makow’s site. This led to a flurry of anti-Satanist comments being posted here on this site. I’ve let through — and will now respond to — those comments that do not also contain bigoted remarks against some other religious group too (such as Jews) and which do not contain threats of violence.

Henry Makow is an anti-feminist, anti-gay bigot and a believer in “Iluminati” grand conspiracy ideology. He believes that the feminist and gay rights movements are part of a plot by evil elite Satanists to destroy America.

Below is my response to comments by people who apparently were referred to my blog via a comment on Henry Makow’s page titled Satanist Insider Responds to “Disbelievers”. I’ll also quote and reply to some comments I did not let through directly.

Reply to Len Hummel

Len Hummel wrote, in reply to my post Aloysius Fozdyke, Satanic conspiracy hoaxter:

Nah. Not the claims, but THE ROTTEN MINDSET that was displayed in these ‘essays’ was taken seriously and rightly trashed left & right.

Nope. Makow evidently did take Aloysius Fozdyke’s claims seriously, judging by Makow’s characterization of Fozdyke as a “Satanist insider.

Technically, it’s true that Fozdyke is a “Satanist insider,” in the same sense that I too am a “Satanist insider,” i.e. a Satanist and a person who has participated in the Satanist subculture (what there is of one). But that, in itself, is probably not what Makow meant by “Satanist insider.” To him, a “Satanist insider” would be not just a Satanist but a member of the alleged world-controlling secret Satanist elite that he believes in. And that is what Fozdyke pretended to be.

Based on the information I found, Fozdyke is evidently not involved in any world-controlling secret Satanist elite group. If he were, surely he would not need to post a personal ad in a Yahoo group called “satans lustful singles.”

Len Hummel also wrote:

btw: Dr.Makow IS DEAD-RIGHT about the evils and the ‘agenda’ of militant feminism and the lousy little plans of the global [and often occultic] elite

An example of the nonsense that Lee Hummel is endorsing here can be found in the article “Feminism, New World Order and Rockefeller’s New War” on Henry Makow’s site, March 13, 2002:

Feminism was promoted for the purpose of de stabilizing society, and creating dysfunctional people. Stunted people can be brainwashed and manipulated. Rockefeller’s new war (a.k.a. The War on Terror) is an extension of this elite agenda of world monopoly.

Feminism masquerades as a movement for women’s rights. This kind of deception is typical of subversive movements of Communist origin. In reality, feminism is ruthlessly opposed to femininity, masculinity, heterosexuality, the nuclear family and children.

1) Feminism isn’t against children, although it is indeed against forcing wpmen to have children against their will.

2) Bush’s “war on terror” propaganda was far more likely to be swallowed whole by conservatives than by feminist-minded liberals and leftists. The Iraq war was more likely to be opposed by feminist-minded liberals and leftists than by conservatives, who are likely to be at least somewhat anti-feminist. The idea that feminism and other “subversive movements of Communist origin” cause people to be more susceptible to war-on-terror propaganda is plainly contradicted by the evidence.

Henry Makow himself is evidently a paleo-conservative. Paleo-conservatives differ from neo-conservatives in that paleo-conservatives tend to be isolationist, hence anti-imperialist and against most wars. It is quite absurd for him to blame feminists for the fact that most of his fellow conservatives disagree with him about the “war on terror.”

3) As for feminism being a “subversive movement of Communist origin”: It is true that most of the founders of the feminist “second wave” that began in the 1960’s were leftist, and some were Communists. But this does not mean that the feminist movement was launched as part of some larger Communist comspiracy. On the contrary, it was founded by women who were dissatisfied that the Left, at that time, was not taking women’s issues seriously enough.

Reply to “DestroySatanists”

Two of the comments I did not let through were from someone with the screen name “DestorySatanists,” whose comments had nothing substantive to say, but were just pure expressions of hate.

One of DestorySatanists’s comments also contained the following implied threat of violence:

When the time for the final war comes, you shouldn’t expect any mercy from me.

See you on the battle field.

and the other comment dared me to kill him:

And yes, i’m enemy of you and all your kind. So, if you want to kill me for being enemy of you satanist whores -bring it on!

Or perhaps you’re actually too afraid to try to kill someone who fights back?

I spit on you, you pitiful little slut.

To “DestroySatanists”: What’s this “final war” you’re talking about? Are you trying to hint that you’re a member of a Christian militia group like the Hutaree?

I’m not planning on meeting you on any battlefield. However, if you end up committing a violent hate crime against one or more Satanists, then perhaps I’ll see you in court.

I don’t murder people, period. I am law-abiding and welcome only law-abiding Satanists into my groups. See the Church of Azazel Statement Against Violent Crime and Vandalism.

Reply to Alex James

In a comment which I did not allow through directly, Alex Jones posted the following name-calling smear against most of Judaism, as well as against Satanists:

Dr. Heny Makow is an ex-Zionist and is exposing the Babylonian Talmudic Satanic Mark of The Beast.

He is mostly right on.

See my collection of Resources for debunking grand conspiracy ideology.

3 Responses to “Reply to Henry Makow fans”

  1. GaianGuy Says:

    Geral Sosbee, and then Henry Mackow fans! Yikes!

    My dear woman, you’ve had visitations from manifestations of the dreaded Patriot militias.

    You are doing the right thing, in severely limiting contact with anyone you don’t already know. PLEASE, continue to do this.

  2. Makow is certainly a bigot but he’s not wrong about elite level ritual worship and there’s no benefit in running an article about ancient UK Prime Ministers?

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