Reply to Geral Sosbee

June 28, 2010

Geral Sosbee posted a rambling, off-topic comment beneath my post America’s Most Wanted: The “Satan worshipers” who allegedly killed Kimberly Simon. His comment was about “the scenario today on the world stage with the fbi/cia/pentagon (and their minions, stooges,shills, thugs,punks,assassins,operatives, agents,informants,and police/national guard Gen d’armes, all acting as mafia type figures.” It ended with a bunch of links to pages on his website on which he claims to have been a victim of various fbi/cia-sponsored abuses.

I have not yet read his claims in detail, let alone investigated them, so I don’t know whether his claims are for real. Certainly the FBI and the CIA, especially the CIA, have dommitted plenty of horrible abuses over the years. But I’m also aware that there are plenty of people who have made bogus claims of this kind, or who are suffering from paranoid delusions. Alas, I don’t have the time or resources to study individual cases deeply enough to judge them fairly.

Suggestion to Geral Sosbee: If you want your personal claims to be taken seriously, I would advise against associating too closely with the far-right loons who believe that the FBI and CIA are run by a secret conspiracy of “Disciples of Satan.” I would also advise against echoing the far-right’s “New World Order” talk. Instead, if indeed you are telling the truth, I would suggest that you try to get help and advice from Amnesty International or some similar organization, if you have not already done so.

Anyhow, your comment had nothing to do with the Kimberly Simon case. Everyone, if you have a general comment, not relevant to any specific post, please post it in the General feedback thread.

5 Responses to “Reply to Geral Sosbee”

  1. geral sosbee Says:

    To the fool who wrote the little attack above:You have no monopoly on the subject of Satan Worshipers; indeed your petty and sharp interpretation of events that I present reflects a narrowness of mind and prejudice of heart that characterize some of the assassins whom I describe. However, I forgive you for being a hate monger and exploiter of people in efforts to further your own nebulous agenda. I cannot forgive the demonic and baseless verbal assault by which you intend to limit/control discussion.
    geral sosbee (956)371-5210.

  2. Diane Vera Says:

    What I wrote, above, was not an “attack,” nor was it “hate mongering” of any kind.

    I do have the right to enforce rules about about stuff that gets posted on my own blog.

    What do you mean by my “petty and sharp interpretation of events”? I stated that I do not know how to interpret your claims, because I don’t have the time or resources to study them in enough depth to evaluate them fairly. All I did was to make some suggestions on how best to get your claims taken seriously, if indeed they are true.

  3. geral Says:

    Well, little wo man
    [re: another attempted smear “if indeed they are true”]
    you need not concern yourself with truth or fiction, as the disciple of sATAN evil is ingrained in you.

  4. Geral Sosbee Says:

    For more information on the assassins and global terrorists of the fbi/cia (which self confessed Satan worshipper Vera deliberately seeks to obscure in her verbal smears)see:
    Thank you kindly.
    geral sosbee

  5. Geral Sosbee Says:

    Vera writes above:
    “But I’m also aware that there are plenty of people who have made bogus claims of this kind, or who are suffering from paranoid delusions.”

    The above *response is consistent with the fbi’s own cointel program to discredit insiders who report fbi murderous methods and practices. See psychological operations at

    For specific efforts by the fbi and its operatives to silence this reporter see 19 parts of my story including recent illegal attempted efforts to arrest, or to violently provoke the Target:

    See world in a box which reveals how the fbi/cia dominate global intel policy through murder and torture; also see how the fbi/cia orchestrate wars to gain advantage over wrongly perceived adversaries. Time line of cia atrocities:

    Finally, *Vera states above, ” I have not yet read his claims”, and then she proceeds to verbally attack by using her ill informed and small minded slurs.

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