Aloysius Fozdyke, Satanic conspiracy hoaxter

June 15, 2010

Yesterday, Satanic panic promoter (and all-around bigot) Henry Makow published an email from one “Aloysius Fozdyke,” alleged to be a “prominent Satanic insider.” This email was the latest installment in a saga which began, back on January 2 of this year, with the publication of a message from “Aloysius Fozdyke” by a grand conspiracy website called “Love for Life.”

The long, rambling January 2 message is obviously a prank. I mean, just look at the section about the “Order of the Toilet” and its “latrine doctrines.” To me, this reads like a parody of traditional occult orders.

Some other parts of the January 2 message read like a BDSM erotic fantasy.

Yet a whole lot of grand conspiracy websites, including David Icke’s, took Fozdyke’s message seriously, reprinting it in whole or in part, without any question.

Back in January, Henry Makow published a summary of the original message. Then, just yesterday, he published an update in which Aloysius Fozdyke claims, among other things:

“Just so you know, there will be a cover story about a virulent computer virus which will necessitate the banks of the world closing (for about three days?). When these re-open it will be back to the 1930s where depositors must prove why they need their money. The more things change, the more things stay the same. Just remember I told you so.”

Fozdyke conveniently does not say when this will happen.

Henry Makow is, as I mentioned, an all-around bigot. He believes that feminism and the GLBT rights movement are part of a conspiracy to destroy America.

The name “Aloysius Fozdyke” looks awfully familiar. I know I saw that name around the online Satanist scene several years ago, but I don’t remember where.

A debunker blog by S.M. Elliot, Swallowing the Camel, summarizes the contents of the original January letter as follows:

Our last item of weirdness is the alleged “deathbed confession” of an Australian Satanist known as Frater 616 or Petor Narsagonan. This story has been posted at Henry Makow’s Save the Males, Texe Marrs’ Conspiracy World, and dozens of other beyond-the-fringe websites.
Basically, this is what happened: Late last year, a Christian website in Australia ( received a 15-page deathbed confession from the executor of the estate of a Satanist who died in 2004, Peter Narsagonan (AKA Frater 616). The document describes Satanism as an ancient practice that has penetrated every level of Australian society, along with all criminal activity (drug running, child abduction, human sacrifice, etc.). In other words, the “confession” is boilerplate Satanic panic literature.

Frater 616 supposedly became a Satanist at university in ’71. He attended Black Mass orgies every single night, and came to know practically everything about the worldwide activities of his sect, the Alpha Lodge (he was head of the Alpha Lodge in Sydney at the time of his death).
Frater 616 listed many prominent people who were secretly Satanists, including Groucho Marx, J.P. Morgan, Irving Berlin, Elvis, and Stephen Spielberg. He warned that the lodge is fully in bed with the central bankers, intelligence agencies, several megachurches, and the military-industrial complex. Oh, they’re also the ones behind multiculturalism, water fluoridation, and 9/11 (though the Mossad was behind the invasion of Iraq).

S.M. Elliot then observes:

When you Google Petor Narsagonan, the executor who leaked his confession (Aloysius Fozdyke), or the Alpha Lodge of Sydney, you find nothing but the above story. However, a search for “Satanism Sydney” brought up an interesting comment on the forum. It was a response to a query about Satanic churches operating in Sydney: “Unfortunately there are no Satanic Churches operating in Sydney – at least that I know of.” This was posted June 4, 2004 by “A.J.F” – email address

Doing a little searching myself, I found a Yahoo group called satans lustful singles which includes a post by Aloysius James Fozdyke, dated Sat Jun 3, 2006, titled Australian Satanist, which says:

Theistic Satanic Magician, 42 years of age in Australia who is about to become a millionaire (and I kid you, not) seeks stylish Goddess with cruel hands and an intellect to match Her exceptional beauty. Must appreciate that there is more to life than Satanic Magick, but not much more! Must be prepared to be worshipped, pampered and spoilt. Has to love the finer things of life and atleast have an experimental attitude to Bathroom sex. Please don’t waste my time.

So, my guess is that this guy – or someone using his name? – decided to have a little fun by writing up his erotic fantasies for grand conspiracy mongers, to see if they would be taken seriously as a real-life confession. Lo and behold, they were.

On the original “Love for Life” page, one person posted the a skeptical comment that began as follows:

Oh Dear

Guys, I think somebody is just taking the piss. There’s as much gullibility in the alternative media as there is in the mainstream media, and there are people out there who are just going to feed you bs to see if you ingest it. There may be a grain of truth in some of what this says, but someone has been reading up on conspiracy tropes and put this together just to see if you’d buy it. Really, this just fits into all the worst stereotypes hung off the alt news community.

This was followed by quotes of two especially obvious prankish statements in Fozdyke’s original message.

But most other commenters accepted Fozdyke’s claims without question.

19 Responses to “Aloysius Fozdyke, Satanic conspiracy hoaxter”

  1. Len Hummel Says:

    Nah. Not the claims, but THE ROTTEN MINDSET that was displayed in these ‘essays’ was taken seriously and rightly trashed left & right.
    btw: Dr.Makow IS DEAD-RIGHT about the evils and the ‘agenda’ of militant feminism and the lousy little plans of the global [and often occultic] elite. deny it all you like. evil ‘in high places’ is VERY REAL.

  2. Diane Vera Says:

    To Len Hummel:

    See my reply in the separate post Reply to Henry Makow fans.

  3. Rabbit Says:

    Makow does not present this material as legitimate, he admits he doesn’t know when putting it out there. True by doing so he lends it credibility, but only due to the limits of other people’s intellect. I was grateful that I was able to read it, and it was thanks to Henry this was so, although it strikes me as complete codswallop, ignoring or censoring it doesn’t help establish this.

  4. Ithatitastixil Says:

    Aloysius, I can`t think of anyone with that name. The name haunts me a lot

  5. pastor brett Says:

    thankyou Dr Makow,I find this, and ritual abuse a very disturbing and very real product of a darker side of humanity.Ms Vera maybe you should remove your rose coloured glasses and research the banking cartels, Bohemien grove and secret societys. Jesus is the truth the way and the life,and the truth will set you free. Amen

    • Diane Vera Says:

      I’ve looked into the claims about the Bohemian Grove, and I am not at all impressed. Burning an effigy does not imply actual “human sacrifice,” any more than the Christian ritual of Holy Communion implies actual physical cannibalism. The “Cremation of Care” ceremony is clearly intended as a dramatic reminder to attendees not to discuss business at the Bohemian Grove, which is intended just for partying, not business.

      As for the “banking cartels,” there are good reasons to be concerned about the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few. However, a lot of nonsense about “bankers” has been spread by the likes of Henry Makow. See Debunking the Federal Reserve Conspiracy Theories and other Resources for debunking grand conspiracy claims.

  6. cindy Says:

    Wether real or made up, he’s an ass…..and he obviously didn’t read the end of the book…what a loser….

  7. Ed Edwards Says:

    Wake and smell the coffee the Luciferian agenda is real. The Externalization of the hierarchy is in its final stages. Lord!! Help us!!

  8. […] Vera, who doesn’t buy any of this, wrote back in June that Henry Makow is a “Satanic panic promoter (and all-around bigot)”…who has published a emails from one “Aloysius Fozdyke,” alleged to be a “prominent Satanic […]

  9. Rob Says:

    Calling Henry Makow a bigot is just ridiculous. In no way is he intolerant or prejudiced against gays and lesbians. He simply exposes the manner in which the elite, if you will, use the gay rights movement to aid in the destruction of the traditional unit of family. Homosexuality is a disorder. The true NATURAL order is monogomous heterosexual reproduction. Look at nature. Do you see Gay antelope adopting a calf because they can’t procreate? If you happen to read any of his essays with an open mind you realize that he is right wether you like it or not. You are so conditioned to tow the proverbial line for the gay rights movement that you don’t even understand what it is truly about. Perhaps you need to read some books instead of watch bullshit television.


  10. Diane Vera Says:

    YOU are an anti-gay bigot. The idea that “homosexuality is a disorder” is nonsense, as is the idea that acceptance of gay relationships will somehow harm heterosexuals’ families.

    And the idea that the GLBT rights movement is an elite conspiracy is utterly ridiculous. The GLBT rights movement is a genuine grass roots movement, with many ordinary people participating.

    I was a gay rights activist back in the late 1970’s, long before GLBT rights became anywhere even remotely near fashionable on television. I had a friend (Brenda Howard) who was a gay rights activist even earlier than that, back in 1970.

  11. austin hellier Says:

    I am a Christian of some 30 years standing, but don’t have a bias against gay people. Some of my neighbours and friends are gay. I believe that the love of God is extended to one and all and while it may sound like a cliche’ or glib statement, we are taught (properly) from the Bible to ‘hate the sin but love the sinner’, regardless of their lifestyle of beliefs.

    I too watch Makow’s website regularly but don’t necessarily buy everything that appears there – I live in Australia and so some of the issues that are brought up are not relevant to those of us who live south of the equator.

    When I was a youth work student 10 years ago, we had a raging debate for several days in our classroom about “how a person becomes gay” – are they born that way (the gay gene theory) or do they make a conscious choice at some stage in their life, or do they simply latch onto a group where they find acceptance, no questions asked?

    My research did in fact turn up the fact that credible psychologists back in the 1950’s believed that homosexuality was regarded as a relationship disorder, with those of one sex being unable to bond with members of the opposite sex, with a view to a life long relationship – they were not regarded as being intrinsically evil.

    I won’t bother to comment on Mr Makow on your site – I think you’ve made yourself clear on how you feel about him, but I’m glad he’s out there for many reasons, bigot or not…

    Austin Hellier

    Austin Hellier

    • Diane Vera Says:

      Yes, “credible psychologists back in the 1950′s” regarded homosexuality as a disorder, but that doesn’t mean such an opinion should be considered credible TODAY.

      It’s entirely understandable why psychotherapists considered homosexuality to be a disorder before then. The only gays they personally knew were some of their own clients, who came to them because they had severe personal problems. And the only other gays they ever heard about, besides the ones they read about in psychiatric journals, were the perpetrators of “homosexual murders” reported by tabloids — even though most sex-related murders were/are committed by heterosexuals but were NOT described by the tabloids as “heterosexual murders.” The term “homosexual murder” has, fortunately, gone out of fashion among journalists, thanks to pressure from the GLBT rights movement. However, back in the 1960′s and earlier, the “homosexual murder” and “homosexual child molester” memes, combined with the fact that the most visible gay hangouts back then were sleazy Mafia-run bars, naturally led a lot of otherwise open-minded people to associate homosexuality with crime and general sleaziness.

      What it took, to change the attitudes of psychotherapists back then, was a bunch of relatively healthy gays coming out of the closet.

      Here in the U.S.A., homosexuality was removed from the list of psychiatric disorders in 1973. This was one of the early victories of the gay rights movement, long before it made much headway on any other front.

  12. Randall Says:

    Fozdyke said in 2010 the japanese economy is doomed.

  13. James Says:

    why is it that when homosexuality is considered to be a psychological phenomena it is assumed to be an illness? Can’t sexuality be viewed the same way as other personality traits? To find something natural pleasing (eg. The flavour of a food, a piece of music) isnt considered an unhealthy condition even though they arent choices. Bad examples I know, but what i’m trying to say is that somethings cant be rationised and are seemingly phenomena of the evolution of species, intrinsic to the core of the individual. Being bisexual myself i find that at times men will appeal to me more than women and vice versa, and it is an observable fact that homosexuality is practiced by most if not all mammal and bird species. Cant the nature of a person simply be acknowledged as part of them and be exempt from medical scrutiny and the growing theological-social identity crisis? If i’ve made a mess of my contribution to this discussion pls feel free to critisise it, but be gentle.

  14. jason Says:

    First, the “gay gene” is debunked. It’s right there on the wikipedia page.
    Also higher level satanists don’t go to “satanic churches”, that’s just boyscout stuff where they pick out hopefuls. You think Levey started the black arts or something?
    If you were of any merit to esoterica you’d know that “Petor” is an anagram of “Persona Non Grata”, do you actually think that he’d give this guy’s actually name out when he himself uses an alias?
    You should stop meddling in forces you don’t understand just because you think you’re superior because you heard a Crowley quote you liked and think Christians are dumb.

    • Diane Vera Says:

      About the “gay gene” according to Wikipedia: The Wikipedia article on Biology and sexual orientation says, “No simple, single cause for sexual orientation has been conclusively demonstrated, but it is generally accepted by scientists to be determined by a combination of genetic, hormonal, and environmental influences,[1] with biological factors involving a complex interplay of genetic factors and the early uterine environment.[2] Biological factors which may be related to the development of a heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual or asexual orientation include genes, prenatal hormones, and brain structure.” Although some specific theories have been debunked, this certainly does not disprove the general idea that there are genetic factors in the development of sexual orientation.

      What is the basis of your claim to knowledge about “higher level Satanists” and what they allegedly do? All sorts of grand conspiracy claims have been made about them, but there’s very little real evidence that they even exist, let alone that they fit the descriptions common in conspiracy literature and videos.) On the other hand, the “Satanic churches” are at least demonstrably real.

  15. […] Vera, who doesn’t buy any of this, wrote back in June that Henry Makow is a “Satanic panic promoter (and all-around bigot)” who has published a emails from one “Aloysius Fozdyke,” alleged to be a “prominent Satanic […]

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