Beer-lovin’ anti-Satanist

May 22, 2010

More foul-mouthed nonsense, this time from an anti-Satanist believer in grand conspiracy ideology — or, perhaps, from someone whose idea of a joke is to pretend to be an anti-Satanist believer in grand conspiracy ideology? Below is an edited version of a rejected comment from someone named Jesse, with an email address proclaiming a fondness for beer. Apparently he had consumed quite a bit of his favorite beverage before writing the following:

Whats up goats. I just want you to know that the world has proof of Satanic Ritual Abuse thanks to George W Bush ordering terror suspects to be subject to it. Ever wonder why terrorist testimony is identical to that of thousands of children?

So, whenever you m**********rs wanna start Armegeddon bring your s**t. Nothin I’d love more than hackin up a bunch of God Damned flesh goats, especially the rich and powerful. Osama Bin Laden is defintely a finer human being than you, if he were honest. But you and I know he works for the feds and the feds work for you. I just wanted to say I can’t wait for the final war. I’m looking forward to it infact. The people will unite against you. The truth is already being exposed and you are powerless to stop it.

As you rape and torture and kill your way into oblivion. Me and my kind will be laughing at you from across the room. I know you goys like to squack about Satanic Panic, but Congress is already screaming Muslim Panic. I fugure if we’re gonna kill people on account of what they believe, then it might as well be you and your kind. I like Muslims more than you. Step it up bitches. Whenever you’re ready

First off, since when are the known abuses at Guantanamo “identical” to “Satanic ritual abuse” claims? Back in the early 1990’s, when the SRA scare was still raging, I don’t recall hearing any claims about kids being waterboarded. It’s possible I might have missed something, but, at the very least, such claims were not commonplace. Furthermore, even if the known CIA abuses were identical to SRA allegations, the existence of one group of people committing a particular crime does not prove the existence of another alleged group of people committing the same crime.

As for “Muslim Panic,” I oppose that, too. See my series of posts about the witchhunt against Debbie Almontaser.

As for the feds working for us Satanists — I wish!

P.S.: To all: If you want me to publish your comment as is, letting it through directly, please keep it rational and civil. Please also keep the WordPress terms of service in mind, and please also keep it G-rated — this is not an “adult” blog.

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