More about the case of Anthony Anderson

May 22, 2010

[Sigh!] I just now unapproved yet another comment, from Axis Sallyboy X. that was in gratuitous violation of WordPress’s terms of service, and of my own desire to keep this blog G-rated, for the sake of search engine rankings and such. I’ll now paraphrase and respond to the substantive parts of the comment.

In response to my request for more info on how (according to an earlier comment by Sallyboy) Anthony Anderson was brutalized by the police, Sallyboy wrote that, before the vandalism/graffiti incident, Anthony Anderson had been doing office work at the 105th police precinct (92-08 222nd Street, Queens Village, NYC), first as a volunteer, then as an employee. Once he became a “Super Duper Special Trustee,” according to Sallyboy, Anderson was used as a sex slave by the entire staff at the precinct.

The bulk of Sallyboy’s comment consisted of graphic descriptions of various sex acts he says Anderson was obliged to perform for various people on the precinct staff, spiced by Sallyboy’s usual slurs against the ethnic backgrounds of some people on the staff.

Disclaimer: I have no way of knowing, at this point, whether Sallyboy’s allegations are true or not. Sexual harassment and rape by cops are certainly not unheard-of. I have to admit, though, to some skepticism about Sallyboy’s claims, especially the claim that Anderson was required to perform sexual favors for everyone on the precinct staff. But, for the remainder of this post, I will assume, for the sake of argument, that Sallyboy’s claims are all true.

Sallyboy then said:

Finally, one fateful day, young Mr. Anthony Anderson said “ENOUGH!!! DEATH TO THE FASCIST PIG OPPRESSOR!!!”, and that would pretty much account for the swastikas, scrawled death threats, and our retarded society’s still intolerable and supposedly offensive, yet at the same time very, sacred and ancient symbols of the inverted cross and pentagram.

Therefore, in these regards, I do indeed salute you Anthony Anderson of Cambria Heights, Queens, NYC for most truly fighting the good fight.

Assuming for now that your allegations are true, there are much better — and more likely to be at least somewhat effective — ways to protest against sexual harassment at one’s workplace. It would have been far more productive for Anderson to have contacted various activist organizations against police brutality, corruption, and sexual harassment, and to have documented and collected evidence of what was happening to him.

Sallyboy also wrote:

The movement and eventual rebellion and revolution to come needs soldiers, leaders, and masters of the art of propaganda and subterfuge to combat the oppressor and make way for a glorious new Satanic Age for one and for all.

What, in your view, would “a glorious new Satanic Age” be like? And why do you believe that vandalism is an effective means of achieving it?


One Response to “More about the case of Anthony Anderson”

  1. Diane Vera Says:

    P.S.: Axis Sallyboy X. has written yet another thoroughly rude comment, which I have not let through. I’ll just mention that it seems to be suggesting that his previous comment, discussed above, was intended as a joke. (Indeed I was a bit skeptical of his claims, though I assumed them to be true for the sake of argument.)

    So, it appears that Sallyboy and I have nothing further to discuss. No further comments of his will be allowed to clutter my blogs.

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