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May 18, 2010

On another blog of mine, someone identified as “Axis Sallyboy X” posted a fervent comment on my post announcing the Church of Azazel’s statement against violent crime and vandalism. Unfortunately, the comment was full of expletives plus some implied threats, which are not in my interests to allow, as they are likely a terms-of-service violation.

So I’ve deleted the comment. Below is an edited version of the comment, followed by my reply:

Vandalism: basically free expression if anything. When the ignorant and moronic masses don’t wanna listen..why not hit up public and/or private property to convey actual reason and question authority??? In a society where the 1st amendment obviously don’t mean shit…you gotta let the scoundrels know what’s up. If these same dirty degenerate cops, who push crack and heroin daily under the guise of god, christ, the good old scum-erican way and all that other outdated self-righteous hypocritical crap, are willing to build federal cases out of basically very bright and fairly innocent kids throwing up swastikas, inverted crosses, and pentagrams as a way of more of less saying “F**k You..I’m tired of your ignorant backwards bulls**t!!!”…then I say f**k it!!! more swastikas!!! more inverted crosses!!! more pentagrams!!! mwahahahahaha!!!

This was followed by an expletive-filled paragraph containing no information or other substantive idea content, but only furious emotion against both the U.S.A. and Christianity, plus a vague insinuated threat. After that paragraph, “Axis Sallyboy X” went on to say:

Anthony Anderson, 17 years old, of Cambria Heights, Queens, NYC was absolutely brutalized by the 105th precinct for tagging up supposedly “politically incorrect” symbols in his school. Armed robbers and drug dealers his age, even younger, 9 out of 10 times, get a slap on wrist depending on their “relationship” with the cops, the so-called honored societies, and the church (all the very same f**kin’ DEVIL..if there really is any)…Anthony Anderson, a fairly innocent, intelligent, open minded, and intellectual good kid gets terrorized by these pigs just because his idea of harmless rebellion, free thought, and self-expression is not on par with theirs??? As if these dirty pig cop bastards know the slightest thing as to what freedom of expression truly is about. Cops are your most basic example of programmed drones..they lack the inherent self-respect, imagination, intelligence, and balls to change the world for the they just go with the flow..get paid very well for it..and legally torture and murder those who in their jaded and tired eyes supposedly steps out of line. Jealous pricks.

My prayers are with you Anthony Anderson for basically speaking your mind in the face of these corrupt dirty degenerate derelicts.

You a**holes probably have a leader, a prophet, and a revolutionary on your hands…therefore keep a good man down while he’s still young and somewhat harmless??? I guess that’s the American way then. Figures.

Give the kid credit for even knowing what a swastika is..and just how much it bothers these openly racist, corrupt, and dishonorable pigs. The NYPD are the biggest bunch of Neo-Nazis going…and a swastika bothers them??? Get the f**k outta here!!!

And as far as these losers making a big deal out of inverted crosses and pentagrams, symbols I personally hold very dear and special to me in every which way??? Oh no. By hook or by crook, things are gonna change in that aspect…

This was followed by a vague implied threat against cops and an implied threat of arson, which I’ve deleted. The comment then concluded with:

Hail Satan, and may the foulest of curses fall upon mankind: PEACE!!! :)

(Axis Sallyboy X.–Supreme Minister of Propaganda for the Fourth Reich…and quite the swastika aficianado myself)
May 17, 2010 6:17 PM

First, I am sorry to hear that Anthony Anderson was “brutalized.” More details on this, please? There could well be a genuine civil rights issue here. Searching Google, I found nothing about him except for this brief New York Post story, dated March 10, 2010.

Be that as it may, vandalism is NOT just “free expression if anything.” Vandalism is damaging other people’s property — or, in this case, public property. There are other, better ways to attract public attention without breaking the law.

As for pentagrams and inverted crosses, there is nothing wrong with WEARING a pentagram, whether point-down or point-up, and there’s nothing wrong with WEARING an inverted cross. Do you honestly not see the difference between simply displaying a symbol and painting it on other people’s property, or on public property?

Police corruption (e.g. drug dealers with a “relationship” with the cops) is obviously a problem, and obviously unfair. However, this problem cannot be solved via vandalism, nor via graffiti.

A good way to reduce police corruption would be by legalizing marijuana and other recreational drugs, thereby eliminating a major black market, thereby reducing the number of criminals with lots of money with which to bribe cops, judges, etc. There already exist political activist groups that support legalizing marijuana. To anyone wants to do something about police corruption, I would suggest supporting that cause.

“Axis Sallyboy X” has a profile, on Google/Blogger, which includes links to the NORML Blog and the New York Medical Marijuana Society. Well, that’s one thing we agree on.

Alas, “Axis Sallyboy X” also has a blog on Google/Blogger, with one post espousing a racist theory that Sicilians are a “truly demonic and evil Southern Italian race” and are the root of much of the world’s evil, via the Roman empire and then the Roman Catholic Church and then the Mafia.

Hello? No one ethnic group has a monopoly on violence, crime, or brutality. Also, Rome is in central Italy, not in Sicily, which is an island off the tip of southern Italy.

3 Responses to “Reply to “Axis Sallyboy X””

  1. hey whatever…

    i’m sure you got my reply to your reply to my reply…

    your entitled to your opinion, i’m entitled to mine.

    i’m just coming from a more heartfelt realistic standpoint if anything…oh well.

    regardless..hopefully society as a whole is gonna have to realize and accept the fact that it us (Satanists, Atheists, Laveyens, Occultists, Paganists, etc–those who don’t follow the leader, the true rebels, intellectuals, and humanitarians) who are really the good guys and despite their god, jesus, mary, peter, paul, and larry–we’re the ones who are be their saving grace when all is said and done..we’re the one’s fighting the good fight and that’s that.

    Hail Satan my nigga and peace.

  2. Diane Vera Says:

    Your position may well be “heartfelt,” but does not seem to me to be very “realistic” in terms of accomplishing desirable results. The RESULT of graffiti mixing Satanic symbols with swastikas is certainly NOT increased societal tolerance toward Satanists.

  3. Diane Vera Says:

    I’ve unapproved a subsequent comment (which WordPress automatically let through) by Axis Sallyboy X. I might quote and respond to some parts of it tomorrow if I have time.

    To Axis Sallyboy X: Feel free to re-post your comment, MINUS (1) any and all ethnic slurs, of any kind, (2) any and all “dirty words,” and (3) any and all threats or implied threats to commit crimes of any kind, against anyone. Sorry, these are non-negotiable policies, for the sake of WordPress’s terms of service and for the sake of my blog’s Google rankings and such.

    In future comments, please avoid even the term “nigga,” which I did let through in your previous comment. I let it through because, given the context, it appeared you might not have meant it in a racist sense, but only as hip hop jargon, or whatever. Nevertheless, in the future, please avoid all terms that are traditionally considered to be racist.

    Anyhow, I would be interested to hear more details about the case of Anthony Anderson and what the cops did to him, if you have more information about that and would like to share it.

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