America’s Most Wanted: The “Satan worshipers” who allegedly killed Kimberly Simon

March 10, 2010

I’ve been working on a Statement against violent crime and vandalism for the Church of Azazel. We absolutely need to finish writing this statement now, because, on Saturday, March 13, America’s Most Wanted will air a show about an old cold case of a murder committed back in 1985, for which the currently suspected perpetrators are a local group of “Satan worshipers.”

Previously another person, Steven Barnes, had been convicted of murdering Kimberly Simon, a 16-year-old who had been attending Whitesboro High School in Oneida County, New York, back in 1985. Last year, Steven Barnes was exonerated after having spent more than twenty years in prison. So the investigation has been reopened.

Suspicion now falls on a group of “Satan worshipers” who had been interviewed by the original investigators and who were not charged with the crime back then.

Here are some relevant news stories:

One thing strikes me as very odd here: 1985 was at the height of the “Satanic Ritual Abuse” scare, with Christian fundamentalist cops galore running around giving seminars on “Satanic cults.” Little or no serious debunking had been done yet. Back then, hardly anyone questioned the idea that if there were “Satan worshipers” afoot, they were most likely guilty of all manner of mayhem, killing thousands of people every year. That being the case, if indeed there was any valid reason to suspect these “Satan worshipers” of the 1985 murder of Kimberly Simon, why wasn’t this angle thoroughly investigated back then, of all times?

For now, let’s not jump to the conclusion that the new suspects are — or are not — guilty of the murder. Let’s wait and see what happens.

One of the alleged “Satan worshipers,” Richard W. Miller Jr. — died recently. According to the Utica Observer-Dispatch article, Miller was questioned back in the late 1980’s by attorney Edward Kaminski, who was representing Steven Barnes, the man originally convicted of the crime and recently exonerated. Kaminsky describes Miller as a pretty darned horrifying, scary guy. Perhaps Kaminsky’s claims about Miller are true. But we should note that Kaminsky is a biased source and that Miller can’t defend himself from the grave.

Anyhow, whether or not Kaminsky’s description of Miller is accurate, there’s still the question of whether Miller and his pals were in fact “deeply involved in the practice of Satanic Worship,” as is claimed in the News 10 and WKTV stories. According to the Utica Observer-Dispatch article, police investigators say they were “a group of young men who worshiped the devil, tortured cats, used hallucinogenic drugs and sexually abused women.” It remains to be seen whether this is an accurate description of these guys.

Be that as it may, as I noted on my page about Tabloid prophecy fulfillers: Satanism’s real-life criminal fringe:

As far as I can tell, the vast majority of criminals-in-the-name-of-Satan are teenage dabblers. I feel justified in calling them “dabblers” because, as far as I can tell, the vast majority of them do not remain interested in Satanism for very long.

For example, when Geifodd moved to the Bible Belt town where he spent his last two years of high school and his first two years of college, he ran into a clique of about 20 teenagers who killed stray cats in the name of Satan, in some cases torturing them. A few of these kids were sent away to mental nstitutions soon after Geifodd met them. The remaining kids all gave up their “Satanism” after a couple of months. Most became fundamentalist Christians, while a few others became neo-Nazis. Only Geifodd himself, the law-abiding Satanist, remained interested in Satanism.

Most likely this sort of thing has happened in quite a few Bible Belt towns, as a predictable teenage reaction to adult fundy Christian paranoia about Satanism. Quite a few fundies have warned that various popular children’s and young people’s activities (including rock music, role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, and reading Harry Potter books) will lead a kid to Satanism. Furthermore, in quite a few fundy churches, it is assumed that any non-Christian is automatically a Satanist, or at least in league with the Devil somehow. Frankly, I can’t think of a better way to advertise Satanism to kids than to (1) associate it with a whole big bunch of forbidden fun activities and (2) imply that Satanism is the only possible escape from the stifling religiosity that has been presented to these kids as the only “true Christianity.” Alas, the “Satanism” that gets thusly advertised to fundy Christians’ kids isn’t the Satanism practiced by most serious adult Satanists, but rather the “Satanism” of “Satanic crime” scares. So it’s only natural for these kids to conclude that, in order to liberate themselves, they too must become violent criminals.

Given the above, it’s surprising there aren’t more teenage tabloid prophecy fulfillers than there in fact are.

Utica isn’t in the Bible Belt, but some parts of upstate New York are rather Bible Belt-ish in their local culture. I’m not sure whether Utica qualifies, since I have not been there.

I should mention here that it should not be assumed that all “teenage dabblers” are criminals either. It is certainly possible for a “teenage dabbler” to explore law-abiding forms of Satanism.

However, I would suspect that most teenage cat-killers do not have a genuine religious motive of any kind. More likely they are just doing it for sick thrills.

P.S.: According to this blog post by someone who apparently has lived in the region, there were rumors that the killers were influenced by the Simon Necronomicon, which perhaps might be the “Book of Death” referred to in one of the news stories.

6 Responses to “America’s Most Wanted: The “Satan worshipers” who allegedly killed Kimberly Simon”

  1. primalsatanism Says:

    One doesn’t become fascinated with death and killing by reading fiction such as the Necronomicon or even by some of the history of Aleister Crowley’s rituals. The affected person is already inclined to this and seeks sources to further fire up and feed their existing obsession. Hollywood horror films would be a source for that too and in them and in religion, Satan is promoted as the ultimate symbol of evil. So why wouldn’t a person already into evil, attach to what their culture depicts as the symbol of it? If this person needs further justification to carry out heinous acts, it makes it much easier to assign its purpose to a ritual, rather than, “I think I’ll rape or kill.” It romanticises and dramatizes it.

    There is far more ritual killing in biblical Judaism and sex in tantric Hinduism than their prescribed use in Satanist rituals.

    For someone whose obsession is violence and death, it is so obvious that they would use a typically modern symbol for evil and the excuse of a Hollywood film ritual to make their fantasy a reality.

  2. James Peckham Says:

    In regards to Richard Miller Jr, i have some interesting facts and news about him, that is very revelant to this case. I have had personal experience with this gentlemen and can confirm everything that is speculating at this point. All i need is the right people to reply.

  3. Diane Vera Says:

    Have you contacted the Oneida County D.A.’s office? They’re the ones who really need to hear from you.

    I hope you can help in catching the real criminals (those that are still alive).

  4. geral Says:


    Imagine that a mafia type moves into your neighborhood, subtly sets himself up as a kind of authority and pseudo friend to those who bow to him. He becomes in time a protector to his followers and an oppressor to those who refuse his orders. Ultimately, as this mafia figure has the backing of the ‘organization’ , all persons in the neighborhood realize that the best course to maintain peace in the home is to subscribe to the mafia’s doctrine and at the same time pretend that all is for the greater good. Many are then rewarded for their loyalty to the mafia lord.

    Now, this is the scenario today on the world stage with the fbi/cia/pentagon (and their minions, stooges,shills, thugs,punks,assassins,operatives, agents,informants,and police/national guard Gen d’armes, all acting as mafia type figures.

    For purposes of this report the main focus is on the dual disciples of satan, the fbi/cia, as mafia, and on their demand that all the world accept the new world order as defined and as enforced by their organization (i.e.: the war machine). Those who surrender their persons and countries unto the authority of the fbi/cia mafia are rewarded (first by not being killed or imprisoned, followed by some temporary economic benefits to the country’s ruling elite. Those who resist or fight the terrorists of the fbi/cia mafia are hunted down like dogs and are killed. Thus, the real war on terror takes on a very special meaning to all who are affected by the aggression of the most dangerous and bold group of blood thirsty killers ever to live on the planet earth: the fbi/cia mafia and their associates and facilitators throughout society.

    Today the people of the world recognize that the fbi/cia gang represents the failed leadership of the United States of America, and that this nation is thereby a homicidal menace to Humanity because the fbi/cia’s war machine continues the assault on the world’s population with threats, armed invasions, and ultra high tech weaponry (including mind control and brain entrainment gadgetry) and by whatever other methods be available in their arsenal.

    Now a clear and present danger to the peace and stability of all peoples is apparent; unless stopped now the future of mankind is in great peril with regard to human and civil rights, individual liberty issues and freedom from oppression.
    The sentiment grows around the globe to stop the invaders of the fbi/cia gang . The mantra of the freedom fighters may be summarized in a simple but universal expression of rage as follows and the war on terror has hardly just begun:

    Invade My Country, I Invade Yours;
    Attack My Brain, All Bets Are Off.


    QUESTIONS! geral sosbee (956)371-5210

  5. Diane Vera Says:

    To Geral Sosbee:

    I’ve replied in the separate post Reply to Geral Sosbee.

    Your comment has nothing to do with the Kimberly Simon case. Everyone, if you want to post a general comment, not relevant to any specific post of mine, please post it in the General feedback thread.

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