On coming out as a theistic Satanist

March 2, 2010

Sergey Olson posted this comment:

Hi, my name is Sergey and I been looking into theistic Satanism for a year now. I consider myself to be a theistic Satanist, but people I know still see me as a Christian. I am trying to smoothly transfer over without being hard on people. Non the less I want to thank you for providing the Church of Azazel online. I have gathered great information since it feels like I’m the only person who is a theistic Satanist, and its great to meet others. Thank you again.

Suggestion: Would it be possible for you to tell people you’ve left Christianity without telling them you’re a Satanist? This might be easier, at first. Or do you live in the sort of place where, if you tell people you’re not Christian, people assume automatically that you’re a Satanist?

Feel free to use comments in this thread to brainstorm your process for coming out to people, either as a theistic Satanist or just as a non-Christian.

8 Responses to “On coming out as a theistic Satanist”

  1. Vzldrb Says:

    Yes, I do think this is th first step. For me, it was letting my mother at the time (I was 14) that I was looking at other world views. After a few years, i had a stint with catholicism… for about a few months, and the attitude of when i expressed interest in joining was.. not adequate. So I left.

    From there, I explored the Golden Dawn, and Thelema. In fact, I am currently working on self-initiation into the Golden Dawn. I am now 19.

    Satanism and the Golden Dawn CAN work hand in hand. I admit YHVH just stands for the 4 elements, and nothing more, not as an actual being. The only problem I have is for anyone who wants a majorly thorough system of self-development, there is none for Satanists. Anyways, I see the Golden Dawn to me, personally, as Lucifer. Others can interpret it differently.

    Now back to the topic… Just tell people you aren’t christian. Once I did that, i started wearing a very small inverted crucifix. Nothing flashing, just enough to remind myself what I am against… And you would have to be rather close to me to realize that i’m even wearing one.


  2. primalsatanism Says:

    Hi Sergey,
    You could handle this is a couple of ways. It is not uncommon in middle eastern countries to hide your real religion, practice it in secret and pretend to practice another on the surface. This is done in areas where you could be killed for practicing another religion except your culture’s. Such as in Islam or as the Turkish Sabbateans did. Occultists had to do the same in the middle ages.

    If you are in America you have the right to religious freedom and a fair amount of safety. That does not mean it is easy to deal with friends or family who may reject you because they disagree with your religion. The good thing about Satanism is that it is most often practiced as solitary. There are no churches and possibly not even other Satanists in your area. However, your religion can remain your private business, as there is really no reason to broadcast or advertise it. However, this depends on how honest you want to be with your friends and family. It could hurt some of them even if you tell them that you are no longer a Christian. They will want to know what is wrong. But truth and change not often easy for anyone to deal with. You are not obligated to tell them more, except that you are not a Christian. You can do this in a polite, respectful way and you should expect them to respect your honesty. Over time, you can decide if you want to go further in taking a few into your confidence. Stay well.

  3. Diane Vera Says:

    Vzldrb wrote: “The only problem I have is for anyone who wants a majorly thorough system of self-development, there is none for Satanists.”

    Have you looked at the OFS Demonolatry books, especially their Complete Book of Demonolatry? Although not as intricate as Thelema or the Golden Dawn system, it is heavily based on the Western tradition, including Hermetics and Kabbalah. You might find it helpful in integrating your practices.

  4. Vzldrb Says:

    Thank you very much, Diane. I will go take a look now, actually – I haven’t seen these before. If anything comes up that’s interesting, I will let you know.. Or if the system works very well, etc.

    Pretty much, I think we(all satanists) could create such a thing if need be – going beyond simple banishing, and so on.

    Thanks for the links.

  5. Dana Everard Says:

    Vzldrb, you hit on an important point, and you’re right: “Pretty much, I think we(all satanists) could create such a thing if need be – going beyond simple banishing, and so on.” While some useful systems like the GD exist and can work with some adaptation, it seems the call for Satanists interested in self-development is to establish their own paths. It feels like some brands of Satanism are just at the point of doing precisely that. Challenging though exciting times.

  6. Vzldrb Says:

    Of course. I was trying to do the same through invoking Satan, and him teaching me a banishing ritual.

    I think it was semi-successful, but I was new at the time and groveling, and so to speak. Anyways, I soon gave up that path. I have only recently come back here, after learning all systems hold truth – I have had experiences in all religions. One could say “All religions are true”, but I would rather think that it is -I- who can correctly tap into such things… And it’s not just the religion.

    In any case, I think after some time, I will elaborate on some of these rituals… I think there would be an easy way to create a degree of initiation or something along those lines if we borrowed from the GD Model, and if we also based it like the Golden Dawn. We have a probationary period, then we jump into the elements, and then into spirit.

    In any case, this really isn’t related to this thread, and I’m taking it way off topic. However, I’m very sure you know how it would work.


    PS. I wasn’t very comfortable with the fact that demonolatry has you “branded” with the sigil of your demon – I assume thy mean with a fire brand? I think that’s simply too much. One could easily just get a permanent tattoo AFTER the ritual or some such thing, such as before.

    • Dana Everard Says:

      As with a blood pact, it can just be a matter of too much, too soon. I agree a tatoo makes good sense, allows for planning and art, and could become its own ritual. But some people may benefit from a more painful — and memorable — branding like OFS describes. I’m working on developing rituals for elemental baptisms — plural — myself.

      I hope you’ll keep a record of your ritual experiments and someday post your results on a webpage. Others could potentially benefit from them.


      • Vzldrb Says:

        I sure will.

        Do you currently utilize the Banishing Rite of the Dark Lord?

        I was thinking we could easily utilize it in GD like context – except without the spirit pentagrams and the enochian. Instead, use simple invoking earth pentagrams, and so on.

        Anyways, I think i’m doing to much arm-chair thought and not enough practical work.


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