Reply to meowmixeater on my theological views

April 28, 2009

In the general feedback thread, meowmixeater asked me one of the usual questions that Christians commonly ask theistic Satanists: “Do you believe that satan is actually more powerful than God? If so why?”

My answers to that question can be found here:

If you have further questions, feel free to post them as a comment here.

4 Responses to “Reply to meowmixeater on my theological views”

  1. primalsatanism Says:

    Our conversation last week has inspired in me some new interest in your CoAZ pantheon. I present the follow as comments on this area of your website: “Theology of the Church of Azazel”.

    Part 1 comments on CoAZ pantheon

    On the Theology page I found a well constructed “pantheon” of deities who have active relevance to today’s world. For adherants it is important that they can relate modern life to the intentions and actions, as well as the qualities of the deities. It is also evident that the main interaction of the deities with the world and mankind are with a complimentary purpose aimed toward the enlightenment and progress of the human race.

    Another strong point I see in this assembled pantheon is that each deity’s perceived goals are of a postive nature as benefactors of human beings, most of whom, mythologically speaking, have gone through struggles and suffering in order to do so.

    There is no need for a detailed creation of adversarial deity(s), since there already exist primary adversaries to the CoAZ deities’ goals in the present world through the modern developments of the Christian and Islamic religions which are after-life and obedience focused, and basically unfriendly toward mankind’s self-empowerment and technological advancements.

    Some pagans object to one mixing gods of one pantheon with another, even to say that some gods would be incompatible and in conflict with each other. In the CoAZ there are largely Greek and Judaic gods combined in recognition of their perceived manifestations rising again with influence in our modern times. There are pagans that can see this as easily justified by historical and anthropological evidence that in the areas of the middle east and mediterranean, peoples borrowed each others’ gods and renamed them. Still others who subscribe to Jungian thought see similarities in deities of cultures who could not have influenced each other much if at all, attributing this to man’s connection with the collective unconscious, thus having interaction with and access to the same archetypes. In this case, I concur with the two latter lines of thought on the matter.

    Azazel and Prometheus both are compatible examples of the archetype who is a type of saviour of mankind in an empowering way. Azazel fits as the primary focus of the pantheon. He is attributed to the highest station in the book of Enoch as a leader. Azazel is given equal prominence in perhaps the most important yearly ceremony of Israel to their god that all sin be imputed to him, while other verses say that god will save them (Israel) from their sins. In Enoch, Azazel succumbs to the lures of the world and rebells by giving man metallurgy, alchemy and other knowledge. It does not really go into any other motives. Prometheus is cunning and sometimes a trickster, yet his stealing fire from the gods to give power to man is more of an act of compassion. Both are punished, again typical of the suffering savior aspect of both.
    Though the latter is unlike the majority of the other CoAZ deities, in that he is less demonized, he fits with the others due to their actions which definitely indicate their past and modern roles as active benefactors of mankind as well as sources and wielders of power.

  2. Diane Vera Says:

    See my reply to you on page 2 of the thread “Rising Gods” page update on the NYC Church of Azazel message board. See also the thread on Prometheus there.

  3. Sergey Olson Says:

    Hi, my name is Sergey and I been looking into theistic Satanism for a year now. I consider myself to be a theistic Satanist, but people I know still see me as a Christian. I am trying to smoothly transfer over without being hard on people. Non the less I want to thank you for providing the Church of Azazel online. I have gathered great information since it feels like I’m the only person who is a theistic Satanist, and its great to meet others. Thank you again.

  4. I’ve written a post replying to Sergey’s comment above.


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