Back from hiatus

September 20, 2008

I’m back now, after having been away from this blog for a few months. I found a bunch of comments awaiting moderation, and I’ve let a few of them through.

Here’s a brief summary and response to the comments I did NOT let through.

There were three comments from someone in South Africa begging me to contact him or her privately, but not containing a clue as to what this was about. Please, everyone, if you want me to contact you privately, tell me what it’s about.

Then there was a comment from a preachy Christian who says he talks to spirits, claims to be a “prophet of God,” and claims to “KNOW SATAN as a horrible spirit and as a slimy creature of the dark.” Sorry, I’m just not interested in discussing something so unverifiable as another person’s claim to talk to spirits, especially when used as a basis for preaching at me.

3 Responses to “Back from hiatus”

  1. davalas Says:

    Glad your back as you are indeed a fountain of wisdom and quite possibly the most interesting person on this earth(not grovelling really).

  2. legiaocinzenta Says:

    Hello Diane,
    First of all let me tell you that I’ve known your site about theistic satanism for some time now, and I enjoy reading it quite a lot (even though I prefer a bit heavier stuff, with all due respect). Interesting, funny and useful, you know what I mean.
    I’ve wrote you an email almost a year ago I guess, about something that I dont quite remember now.
    Now I’m writing once again to add a few questions in your mind, if I may say so, concerning the ET theory about the old Gods. Concerning this matter I have to ask you if you ever stumbled across the ONA – Order of the Nine Angles. Since you only mencioned the Stichin and Daniken theories, I thought it would be nice to share this information, as I, and not even really knowing why (more like a feeling) believe in such theory as the ancient astronauts. There is very good information in any public domain site of that order, that really tickles the brain from the inside. I think you’ll enjoy reading it.

    well, I would like to “ear” your thoughts about it sometime.
    (this wordpress if for a group of people I belong to, but use it as you please)
    Carlos – Portugal

  3. Diane Vera Says:

    Yes, I’m aware of the ONA. Obviously, the last thing the Satanist scene needs is people advocating violent criminal activity in the name of Satanism. Frankly, I wonder if the ONA writers might actually have been agent provocateurs.

    Sorry, I don’t have time to debate about the “ancient astronauts” theory these days. I would just encourage those who believe in it to read the skeptical literature on this topic, if they have not already done so. See, for example, the pages linked here.

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