“Voodoo, black magic or Satanism, call it what you like” – No!

April 26, 2008

In a news story from the Tenerife Canary Islands in Spain, Gruesome goings-on in Arona’s cemetery, Fortnightly Tenerife News, Spain – Mar 27, 2008, the first sentence says:

Voodoo, black magic or Satanism, call it what you like, the gruesomely shocking results have scandalized the residents of Arona and have angered and horrified the relatives of those whose bodies have been desecrated by some profoundly unbalanced individuals.

No, don’t “call it what you like.” Find out what it is. Don’t just go randomly slurring nonmainstream religions.

This news story also says:

This is far from being the first time that Arona cemetery has been the object of Satanist cults, but it is far and away the worst.
On previous occasions candles, coins and the remains of chickens have been found by the rear wall, evidence of bizarre nocturnal rituals.

“Coins and the remains of chickens” sounds like some sort of traditional (but fringe) African diaspora sorcery, not Satanism. Such sorcery is not the same thing as Voudoun, either. Voudoun traditionally does involve animal sacrifice. But the sorcerers who dig up dead human bodies and steal body parts are condemned by mainstream Voudoun. The cemetery-desecrating sorcerers are a hated and feared fringe.

All the incidents described in this article are most likely the work of either (1) traditional (but fringe) African diaspora sorcerers or (2) daredevil kids imitating the sorcerers.

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