Hi, I’m back

April 12, 2008

Due to other things going on in my life, I’ve had to withdraw more-or-less completely from the online theistic Satanist scene for the past 10 months.

I’m now back.

Before I left, I was in process of creating the “theistic Satanism blog network,” which, as I then envisioned it, would use a PHP script to simulate a forum using blogs. The script would automatically display links to the latest posts on all blogs, organizing the posts into five categories by topic and intended audience. The idea was to replace my theistic Satanism Yahoo groups with something as similar as possible.

At least for now, I’ve given up on the idea, because I still don’t have enough time to work on the script. Instead, at least for now, the Theistic Satanism Blog Network will be simply be a listing of blogs which link back to my Theistic Satanism Blog Network page.

If I ever do revive the script idea, I’ll need to think more carefully about the details too. For example, the topicality guidelines as I then envisioned them may be too complicated to enforce.

5 Responses to “Hi, I’m back”

  1. zalbarath666 Says:

    Everyone of us have times when we have to withdrawn from our Internet activities. If someone is not paying for such activity then most will need some brakes from this time consuming thing :P. Real life is more important though this virtual one could affect the real one quite intensively. But it’s good to drop out the net life from time to time. Word is not coming down from that and Internet obligations aren’t (in most cases) matter of life and death.

  2. Diane Vera Says:

    Hi! Glad to see you again.

  3. Shelley Potianovkaya Says:

    Not all “religions” are wothy of respect…one that worships evil and evil deeds, disrespect for people, selfishness etc, doesn`t seem much like something to be taken seriously or with consideration!
    You are still in time to stop to think of the way you are waisting your life on these robish…
    I also pray for you, for all who are angry at God for all the things you wanted to receive. But did you give?

    God bless you in showing the right path.

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