General feedback thread

April 11, 2008

I’ll be linking to this post from my websites, as a place for people to post comments not pertaining to any specific post here.

Important: If you want me to contact you via private contact, please be sure to tell me what you want me to contact you ABOUT. I will not respond to non-specific requests.

28 Responses to “General feedback thread”

  1. jugganaut35 Says:

    Hi Ms. Vera, I’m trying to write a novel utilizing themes of pagan symbolism in Christianity as part of the plot device (if you’ve seen the Zeitgeist documentary on YouTube, that gives you some idea), but thus far I have not located a great source documenting the history of that symbolism.

    I’m writing to you to ask if you could recommend any such sources that I can use to research. If you have any such sources to recommend I would be greatly appreciative.

    Thank you for any help you could offer in that regard.

    • danaeverard Says:

      Jugganaut35, you might try Alan Watts’ Myth and Ritual in Christianity, which is a decent though somewhat dated attempt to do something like what you seem to be looking for.



  2. meowmixeater Says:

    I have two questions, in all seriousness. I am a Christian and I know you worship satan.

    1. Do you believe that satan is actually more powerful than God? If so why?

    2. If the answer to question one is no, then why do you continue to worship him if you know your going to end up in hell?

    You can write back [email address edited out by blog author Diane Vera] or just post it here

  3. The title of this comment links to my reply to jugganaut35.


  4. The title of this comment links to my reply to meowmixeater.

    I would suggest NOT posting your email address in a public forum. Doing so is an invitation to spammers. Hence I’ve removed it from your comment. (I get your email address automatically anyway, when you post a comment here, so you don’t have to give it to me in the body of your comment.)

  5. danaeverard Says:

    Hi, Diane–

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I did indeed contribute to your Yahoo groups when they were still active (some of my webpage articles are adaptations of material I posted there), and I admired the tone you were able to maintain in those groups, by dint of judicious moderation and intelligent discourse on almost everyone’s part. I haven’t found anything else like it since.

    Glad you’re back from hiatus, and looking forward to catching up on reading here.


  6. melhelix Says:

    Very glad to see you back in the blogo-net-sphere-tube-thing.

    Firstly, I want to thank you deeply for creating and continuing to run That site has been an invaluable source of inspiration to me for over three years, now. Thank you.

    Secondly, I was reading a bit of your commentary on literary Satanism (specifically from the article and those relating to “Satanism and the History of Wicca”) and a curious thought struck me. Sometimes in literature and folklore Satan is depicted firmly on the side of the common folk. What is interesting is stories where this occurs are invariably those told from the viewpoint of the average townsfolk. For instance, in a tale that bears a few similarities to the various myths of the Wild Hunt (unfortunately, I can no longer lay hands on the book that has this particular story, however the folk-tale was from the 1600’s), a lord of the castle takes to hunting down and killing peasants for sport. As he is pursuing his “game” through a dark and twisted forest, two riders join him. One is dressed all in silver mounted on a white horse with white hounds, the other is dressed all in black, with a black horse and black hounds. The one in white strives to get the lord to leave the hunt, and when he is rebuffed rides off in disgust. The one in black, who is revealed to be Satan, laughs and remarks, “well then, let us make a proper hunt of it!”. Satan throws the lord from his horse, and proceeds to hunt him down and kill him. The peasant who was fleeing for his life is incredibly relieved, and returns to the town to spread the good news that they will no longer be threatened by the bloodthirsty noble.

    In a similar note, the poet Robert Burns wrote “The Deil’s Awa Wi’ Th’ Exciseman” (late 1700’s) wherein the Devil shows up and proceeds to dance away with the tax-collector. In response, the villagers throw a party;

    “We’ll mak our maut, and we’ll brew our drink,
    We’ll laugh, sing, and rejoice, man,
    And monie braw thanks to the meikle black Deil,
    That danc’d awa wi’ th’ Exciseman!”

    Thirdly, have you read anything about this ( yet? It’s a 2600 page report on horrifying child abuse in Irish Catholic schools. There is a plethora of online news articles covering it. For instance;

    Whew, didn’t mean to get so long-winded, my apologies. Please keep your site and blogs alive!

    Best wishes,

  7. baldassarecossa Says:

    Melhelix, IIRC the alignment of the RCC with the nobility during the Middle Ages meant that commoners of rebellious spirit sometimes found Satan to be a viable alternative. Thanks for sharing your vignettes, they were most enjoyable!

    I too am interested to see how Benedict handles his Irish debacle, and especially to see if the meeting with him mentioned in the article you so kindly linked even takes place. Ireland is traditionally a source of religious vocations just as the USA is Catholicism’s ATM, so a failure to reconcile this division within his ranks quickly will mean some short-term damage to his ambitions.

    Then again, it’s no accident why Christian laity is referred to as “sheep”, so the effects might be less permanent than I would prefer. The RCC here in the USA seems to have recovered mostly after a few years in spite of occasional flareups in the media.

    Meanwhile, the recently increased emphasis by the Vatican on exorcism and (trumped up?) SRA cases might be viewed as damage control via distraction of the public from yet another chronic, systemic travesty perpetrated by the Church. Being identified so closely with the dominant culture confers an aura of credibility even when the underlying facts show the opposite. We could take a lesson.

  8. Diane Vera Says:

    baldassarecossa, you refer to an article that I linked. Which article? Where? It would have been nice if you had posted your comment in response to the relevant post, rather than in the “General Feedback Thread.”

  9. baldassarecossa Says:

    Apologies for any confusion. I was responding to the Melhelix comment above, so I thought that this thread was the relevant one.

    The article to which I was referring was linked in that comment:

    Thanks for your patience.

  10. ladynelly Says:

    This is just a huge thank you to Diane Vera for her cogent remarks on blasphemy fetishism (on theistic satanism website). What she lays out there makes so much sense and gives me more power over personal delusions. It is very easy, as she points out, to let fantasy rituals mess with spirituality, which as a buddhist I can agree with her must be a rational choice reaffirmed on a regular basis.
    Now I can just ‘enjoy’ the melodramatic gothic ritual kink that I’ve been acting out for years as a compulsive way to potentiate my fetish–and recognize it as what it is, just a part of something greater.

  11. chimaira6 Says:

    Ms. Vera, I read your blog about Theistic Satanism and have some questions I would like to ask you.

    -Would I be considered a Theistic Satanism because I believe in Satan?

    -If I would want to worship Satan, how could I do this?

    Thanks for your time and hope you can reply soon.

  12. gastromancer Says:

    Dear Ms. Vera,

    I don’t know where to exactly go or look or even begin to find answers for my questions. The internet is my best shot and yet it has turned up information (but not the specifics I crave).

    Since high school I’ve been a Theistic Satanist, but have never really belonged anywhere. I have struggled with religion my whole life – growing up in a Catholic home (with some strict relatives) and forced into Catholic schools. When I read “Paradise Lost” for the first time and truly read the Book of Genesis – I had a realization that truth, knowledge, and a sense of love came with Satan, not from God. I believe and feel that this path is right for me – but I need spiritual guidance. It really seemed that The Cathedral of the Black Goat was right for me – but now that it is a part of H.O.M.E., I feel like I am back to square one.
    is there somewhere I can turn? A place to come together and be part of a community? Some good starting point? If it helps I am in the Boston area.

    Thank you so much already for helping me open my eyes.
    And Thank you again for having this thread and blog.


  13. stvrich Says:

    Hello Miss Vera.
    I am looking for additional confirmation of what it is that I THINK I am learning.

    regarding JOS, and some (good/bad?) advice…

    I “bumped” into a man who claims to have a relationship with a succubus. For my own reasons, which I’d be MORE than happy to discuss with you… (I may need the teaching/guidance. I would be interested in that also. if you have anything to say) In fact, I probably SHOULD discuss it / my approach to a “personal situation” that I wish to ‘influence’ in my favor.

    The long and short of it is this. This man kept referencing the JOS web pages. And advising me to just ‘go There’ and read carefully and initiate the demon / relationship. He also advocated that Satan was the best “go between” for making my decision in WHICH demon or indeed in FINDING “the” demon that’d be BEST for me.

    Sounds to me like very powerful and potentially scary stuff. Not wanting to DIVE in blind. I DO know that there is a preferred way to proceed with this. I slowed down and browsed the web. And eventually found YOUR own comments on the occult.

    Just so you know MY OWN thoughts. A few days ago I had picked up a book on “psychic protection” and this was before I was even considering the satanistic approach.

    Prior to this I certainly am NOT a “christian” but I am and have been spiritually oriented…

    Now here a man that is rushing me (a bit) towards this activity. I HAVE been “practicing” a little bit. Last night at the full moon for instance I did not want to waste the “moment”… and slowly learning some fundamentals but I will admit I am a complete novice. Although I DO have a fair intuition and I think I am natually inclined and somewhat shamanistic since being a young man. I do trust my feelings on some things. (though I NEVER believed in sorcery or magic or any of it in my youth)

    Now I accept that there is “more” to life. But I wanted to ask you…

    about JOS
    I’ve some some derrogotory comments about the site and the people. Like… it’s not the ‘hippest’ bunch of occultists out there. And your OWN comment about how they DO tend to rush people into demonic and spirit summonings before they are ready…resulting in “affects” that are undesired

    I WOULD like to tell you the “problem” I have that I would like to influence…

    and why I would even care to join. I DO wish a spiritual and powerful relationship. Even a highly sensual one. But
    I know “nothing” in all reality except what my feelings have ALWAYS told me.

    I assume you have access to my email address. If you could. please do write.

    Before I impatiently DO SOMETHING that I may regret. Not that I am terribly terribly afraid… but

    I just want to be smart about things.

    thank you

  14. stvrich Says:

    by the way that -MAN- did emphasize to me a COUPLE of times to go to a search engine. Put in the words JOY OF SATAN and then he’d say “just click the first link”…

    as IF he did NOT want me to even LOOK at what was below…

    so …OF COURSE … I LOOKED at what was below. Hecate, confirming my OWN feelings (I’ve been praying to my “mistress moon” and including my “father oak” and of course, YOUR OWN pages show up there also. And your comment about how they “fast track”.

    naturally I am taking a moment here.
    to reflect on what I am doing.

  15. Dana Everard Says:

    Hi, Diane–

    Just a note to say hello and ask you to update your WordPress blogroll above. I deleted my Devil in Us All blog last fall and now devote most of my online energies to my website, DNTI Theistic Satanism, at If you find it meets your specs, I’d appreciate a link to it from your Theistic Satanism site, too.


  16. Violet Says:

    Hello, this is in response to your comment on my blog In the Details. I would be very interested in such a research project but I do have a few questions I would like to ask you about it.
    I’d be much obliged if you could get back to me.

  17. ayecyyzLmo5 Says:

    What would probably be good in regards to this discussion board is if you had the ability to sign up for discussions that you generate; Is this viable?

  18. geral sosbee Says:

    I responded to the mean spirited and baseless verbal assaults by Vera against me, but my response was promptly deleted. So, I must ask who would listen to anything a charlatan has to say on a subject vital to all mankind, ‘Satan’.
    geral sosbee 9956)371-5210

  19. Diane Vera Says:

    Your comment wasn’t deleted; it just took a while to get approved because I’ve been away from this blog for a few days.

    I’m sorry you see my post as “mean spirited and baseless verbal assaults.” The unfortunate reality is that there are a lot of people who have made phony claims similar to yours. This doesn’t prove that YOUR claims are phony, but I would need to study your claims in depth to arrive at an informed opinion.

  20. Anindya Says:

    i want you to know that your thoughts about devil is blasphemious. you dont even know it. its not evil. its beyound your imagination. whatever you are worshiping it is not lord of the dead or underworld or hell. I want to know who you are really worshiping. how do you make contact? what do you want to achieve and what you have learnt uptill now.

    • Diane Vera Says:

      To Anindya: You began your comment by preaching at me. This does not make me feel inclined to answer your questions.

      I’m already well aware that many Christians (and probably many Muslims too) would consider my beliefs to be “blasphemous.” That’s not news.

      • anindya saha Says:

        i am not of any thing you knew. i learned things differently mam. but i would like to know the way you got the visions of your devil and other world. i is seeking the knowledge. so please kindly enlighten me.

  21. Victoria Cotino Says:

    Dear Diane,

    I am a journalism student from Buenos Aires preparing a short article on the Tea Party and Brazil’s Religious right. I was wondering if I could quote you in one or two of the answers to the following questions, or any other statement that you wish to give on the subject:

    1. What can be said about the rise of religious fundamentalism both in America and in Brazil for the past elections?
    2. In the case of America, what is the reaction of the liberals to this phenomenon?
    3. Is their a counter-part of the Tea Party? Some groups, no matter how small, that can stand up to the Religious Right?
    4. In the case of Brazil, is abortion the main issue when it comes to elections? Or did other factors intervened in Rousseff’s loss of votes for the first round?

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Richard Says:

    Hi Diane,

    What are your thoughts on Banishing Rituals, as a Satanist?

    Since the belief in Satan as a spiritual being, is it alright to use a modified LBRP? For some reason, the “Banishing Rite of the Dark Lord” I think missed out on some things, and I am writing my own.

    My question is, I have performed it several times, and I would like an experienced Magician to also try it out. Where would be the best place to get feedback?

  23. anindya saha Says:

    diane you havent replied me.. how do u contact ur devil??how did u come to abt her?? i would like to do the same.

  24. Nathaniel L. Bloedel Says:

    Ms. Vera, I am a teenage Luciferianist, age 17, and I read every page and every link on your Black Goat Cabal website. After reading your “Who are we, and how to join” section, I was inspired to form a Religious Tolerance “Cult” (I use the word cult for lack of knowledge of a more appropriate word) similar to the Black Goat Cabal.
    At age 15, I was threatened by my own parents to be kicked out of the house for believing in what I choose, instead of what they wanted me to. I am also friends with several other teenagers whose parents weren’t as merciful as mine were.
    I am messaging you now to ask for advice and any assistance that you may offer to help me bring tolerance from Abrahamic religions to the “forbidden, evil, and devil-worshipping” religions of America and the rest of the world.
    If this is a matter that you believe should be private, please, email me. Thank you for all the help you offer.

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