Welcome, Theistic Satanists (and others)

April 29, 2007

Hi everyone! I’d like to experiment with the idea of using WordPress categories/tags to create a de facto unmoderated forum, as a possible replacement for my Theistic Satanism forums on Yahoo, in the event that I decide to phase out the latter.

For every tag, WordPress.com has a page of all the recent posts on WordPress.com with that tag. So, if a bunch of us regularly use a sufficiently rare tag, that page becomes a defacto forum for all relevant posts by us here on WordPress.com.

Publishing this post with the tag “theistic Satanism” will enable me to find the page for the tag “theistic Satanism.” I’ll then add a comment with a link to that page.

To put a tag on a post the first time, type the tag in the text field under the heading “Categories,” next to the “Add” button, at the top of the side panel of the page where you write a new post, and then click the “Add” button before you publish the post. To add the same tag again to a subsequent post, check the checkbox for that category/tag.

As we can do with the tag “Theistic Satanism,” so some of us can also do with the tags “Black Goat Cabal” and “Church of Azazel.”

To try out another neat feature, let’s experiment with trackback pings. In your post, put a link to this post. (Note: That’s a link to this individual post, NOT to the page for the tag, or to my home page.) Soon afterward, a link back to your post will automatically appear as a comment on my post.


22 Responses to “Welcome, Theistic Satanists (and others)”

  1. zalbarath666 Says:

    I’m lost. Sitting for a while in front of my computer trying to figure out how WordPress works but it’s no use. Too tired and confused. I don’t have time to sit here for hours. I’m frustrated. Damn it! I’m not that old but after using for longer time of simple yahoo layout I can’t get use to so different ideas.

    Diane, you wrote: “To put a tag on a post the first time, type the tag in the text field [What text field? Where can I find it? I assume you’re not talking about this reply field] under the heading “Categories,” next to the “Add” button [Don’t see anything similar…], at the top of the side panel of the page where you write a new post [And that is?], and then click the “Add” button before you publish the post. To add the same tag again to a subsequent post, check the checkbox [What? Where?] for that category/tag.

    I’m aware that answers are there but it’s frustrating that in order to use it I need to read dozens of FAQ or similar sites. I wish it would be intuitive. I’m too impatient apparently or have a bad day. Grrrrr…

    Just the last try…

    P.S. Will I be able to delete this comment if I figure out how this works? Probably it’s simple but somehow so strange and new I can’t get it over. Simply can’t find the place where I could post with these tags, hlip…

  2. Diane Vera Says:

    When I wrote:

    Diane, you wrote: “To put a tag on a post the first time, type the tag in the text field [What text field? Where can I find it? I assume you’re not talking about this reply field

    I was referring to when you write a POST, not when you write a COMMENT. Sorry I wasn’t clear about that. You put tags on your own posts on your own blog, not on your comments on other people’s blogs.

  3. zalbarath666 Says:

    Does that mean when I don’t have a blog here I cannot send any posts? If so than why there is no (at least clearly visible) information about it on this site? By signing on to WordPress registering to blog was only an option which I didn’t chose and I didn’t see any information that it will end like that. I don’t like being made happy without asking me. I was seeking for hours posting possibilities but couldn’t find it which was very frustrating. I suspected that it has something to do with the lack of my blog here but was waiting for your response. Anyway it looks I’m forced to set new blog here. That’s a not good start but in LifeJournal they even didn’t asked…

  4. zalbarath666 Says:

    Does it matter if I use capital letters in tag? I typed “Theistic Satanism” and clicked ‘add’ before posting my first entry and everything seems ok but I can’t see my mail on the tag page you provided (I mean: http://wordpress. com/tag/theistic -satanism/). There is only your welcome post visible (and doubled as commentary). Should I use “theistic Satanism” or maybe “theistic satanism” tag instead? I must experiment with it… Still I’m not clear how such tag community should function.

  5. zalbarath666 Says:

    When I move mouse over Theistic Satanism on your page I’m getting ‘cloud’ with: “View all posts in Theist Satanism” but when I do it on my site I receive information: “View all posts filled under Theistic Satanism”. I made apparently something completely different. Where lies my mistake? I did like you describe above or I think I did…
    This is really frustrating. I don’t want to be a bringer of the bad news but I doubt strongly that your idea will work here… I still have problems and see no other persons trying to post anything with this tag. It would be helpful if I could interact with other members here (and that’s also big drawback because I don’t know who is potential member cos there is no members at all…) and I wouldn’t have to bother you with such silly problems.

  6. Diane Vera Says:

    Where is your blog? Have you created your blog under a username other than zalbarath666?

  7. Diane Vera Says:

    I will need to see your blog in order to have any clue as to what you might or might not be doing wrong. Please give me the URL of your blog.

    If you have a blog here, I’m surprised that your username (in cht comments here) isn’t automatically linking to it. That’s why I asked if you created it under a different username.

  8. zalbarath666 Says:

    No, I didn’t change the name of my user name. Here is the link:


    I see what you mean. My name should be linking to my blog as your does. Maybe it’s result of that I didn’t set blog at the beginning (and I wrote my first comments then) but it should be changed by now and have no clue why it isn’t. The name of my blog (Zalbarath’s Grimoire) is changed but I don’t think it’s the source of the problem.
    On LiveJournal is going better but even there we couldn’t avoid some troubles. See post comments there.

  9. zalbarath666 Says:

    I don’t know what has happened but suddenly my all entries are finally shown correctly on Theistic Satanism tag site. Haven’t done anything beside sending mail to help center but they concentrated on replaying about other problems and haven’t mentioned about tags but it’s possible they fixed it somehow.

  10. zalbarath666 Says:

    It seems my last comment was premature. I can’t see it again. It has no sense.
    I won’t mess your blog with this problem any more.

  11. zalbarath666 Says:

    Ok, I guess you can always delete my comments so I wanted to add that I found out that my blog entries are really visible in tag Theistic Satanism but the most easiest method (as far I found) to go there is by clicking on Theistic Satanism from your blog or from many very tiny links under your message on Tag Surfer page. My layout doesn’t support that function and I were told there is nothing which can be done with it. Only changing of my layout would help.
    So theoretically your tag idea works but as you red in my entries and posts on TS-pol-eth there are no possibilities to preserve privacy like on other sites. But if someones is comfortable with WordPress solution and you could link such tagged messages on your site together with others.

  12. Li Vickson Says:

    Hey Diane,

    I’m having the same problems as Zalbarath…I tagged my post with “theistic satanism” and it doesn’t show up on the tag page. We’ll see if I get a hyperlink to my blog when I post. I just thought I’d give a heads-up here (since this is where the tech talk seems to be happening).

  13. Diane Vera Says:

    When I first got my account here, it took at least a day or so for my posts to start showing up in WordPress.com’s tag listings. But then, a few days later, my posts showed up there immediately. What I suspect is that new WordPress.com users may be put on probation, as far listings on the tag pages are concerned, until it is determined that their blogs aren’t spam or whatever.

  14. Diane Vera Says:

    To Li Vickson:

    Where is your blog? Perhaps you might consider putting a link to it in your profile?

  15. Li Vickson Says:

    it’s at foxtail dot wordpress dot com. I have no idea why my name isn’t hyperlinked to my blog…I’ll try and see if I can tweak the profile, maybe that will help.

  16. Diane Vera Says:

    To get your username hyperlinked to your blog, enter the URL of your blog in the appropriate line of your profile. (I think it says “homepage URL,” or something.)

  17. zalbarath666 Says:

    I think I did as you said and it didn’t worked. I went to my Profile and Personal Options and in field named Contact Info there is a box called Website (next to E-mail, AIM, Jabber, Yahoo IM and so on) and I putted there url to this WP blog. If you’re talking about different place in settings could you specify where exactly?
    Sorry to bother you with technical questions but people from Help Center could be very cryptic because for them all is self explaining (the didn’t said that directly but in a way they write it’s obvious they can’t place themselves in our-normal user position). Sure.

  18. zalbarath666 Says:

    Wha…???? I haven’t done anything right now and my name is linked as I wanted. That what I said above (about putting url in the Website box) was done more than week ago and since then I posted many comments here and it wasn’t working at that moment… WTF?
    I’m glad of course but I would be more happier if I’d knew what, why and where – I mean I like to have feeling of controlling all possible options and here many events happen with delay or like by itself and there is no warning or explanation. Nevertheless WordPress is in many ways the best place to have a blog. If they had such privacy options like on LiveJournal they would the best in my opinion.

  19. reverendr Says:

    The more you overwork the plumbing, the easier it is to clog the drain.


  20. Diane Vera Says:

    And your point is???

    Who or what do you mean to suggest has “overworked plumbing” and/or a “clogged drain”? My Yahoo groups? (In that case, I agree, which is why I’m phasing them out.) WordPress as a blog host? Or my forthcoming blog network?

    By the way, should you wish to post here again in the future, please put your URL in your profile, where it will be automatically linked from your username when you post, so you don’t have to keep posting your URL again and again.

    If you wish to participate in the Theistic Satanism blog network as a blogger, rather than just as a commenter, you’ll need to get a blog on one of the following blog hosts: (1) WordPress, (2) Google Blogspot, or (3) Livejournal. My forthcoming script will not be able to support blogs on Myspace, sorry.

    Anyhow, good luck in your attempts to organize a group of LHPers in the DC area.

  21. terribletommy66613 Says:

    A new Satanic-Wiccan-Pagan-Voodoo fusion cultoid has started, in the depths of the Bible Belt (Smokey Mts., near Dollywood) called The First Church of Satan, Protestant, of San Francisco CA. Come share with us at: http://www.fcosp.com or write us at tfcosp@aol.com. Hey, Diane, we got the Black Goat Cabal on OUR Links. How many Baptist choir directors do we have to kidnap and cannibalize to get you bestialics to RECIPROCATE??!!!
    Blessed Bea, Andy, Opie and Barney (buy not Gomer, he was a homo)!

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