Virginia Tech shootings — possible scapegoating?

April 17, 2007

When I first heard about the Virginia Tech shootings yesterday, one of my first thoughts was to wonder what minority groups or nonmainstream subcultures the shooter might have belonged to, if any. If he was anything other than a religiously and culturally mainstream heterosexual white male, would this lead to any scapegoating of whatever groups he did belong to, the way the Columbine killings led to scapegoating of the Goth scene and anyone wearing a trenchcoat?

Among other things, I worried about the possibility that the Virginia Tech shooter might have been gay. Virginia seems to be one of the most homophobic states in the country, with one of the most stringent prohibitions on anything resembling same-sex marriage. Might life in Virginia be bad enough to drive at least one gay man crazy enough to go on a shooting spree? And, if so, might that lead to an even worse situation for gays?

Most of all, I worried about the possibility that the killer might have had an interest in Satanism. Might he even have been a member of one of my own Theistic Satanism forums? I sure hoped not. Yikes!

Some early newsreports mentioned that he “wore black.” Might this result in heightened prejudice against kids who wear black? I’ve heard that, in some parts of the South, any kid who wears black is assumed to be a Satanist, and Satanists are assumed to kill cats and eat babies.

So far, I’ve seen no evidence that the Virginia Tech killer was either gay or interested in Satanism. Today we found out that he was from South Korea. Understandably, Koreans are worried, according to various articles I’ve seen today including the following:

Hopefully there will NOT be an anti-Korean or anti-Asian racist backlash. Hopefully there won’t be a backlash against “loners” either. But both, alas, are certainly possible. Time will tell.

What were the killer’s motives? Not known yet. The following article has the latest findings regarding his personality:

  • “Gunman’s writings were disturbing,” by Matt Apuzzo, Associated Press, Houston Chronicle, April 17, 2007, 7:17PM

2 Responses to “Virginia Tech shootings — possible scapegoating?”

  1. Diane Vera Says:

    A quick P.S.: Looks like Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church have decide to exploit the Virginia Tech tragedy by picketing at least one of the victims’ funerals. See “Virginia Tech Massacre: Hate Group Keeps Wounds Fresh” on a blog called TGAW.

  2. jason666king Says:

    Here’s something to consider: anything that brings Satanism into the public arena, even a link to a tragedy, will afford you an opportunity to have your voice heard. I guarantee you that if Mr. Cho had been a Satanist, you could’ve walked right onto the O’Reilly Factor. That is, unless I was already booked . . .


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